Whitesnake - Forevermore

Whitesnake -  Forevermore

Is 2011 the year of the snake? I have always said David Coverdale is one of my all time favorite frontmen in Rock n Roll, and after hearing this CD, I can't wait to see Whitesnake live.

Whitesnake's new album "Forevermore" is the follow up to the great 2008 release "Good to Be Bad". "Forevermore" sees David Coverdale going back to Whitesnake's more blues driven sound from the late 70's and early 80's.

The returning musicians for this version of Whitesnake are guitarists Doug Aldrich & Reb Beach. Joining the ranks are bass player Michael Devin & drummer Brian Tichy.

The CD is 13 tracks and not a dull moment. From track one to track thirteen it's not stop kick ass music. All of the tracks were co-written by David Coverdale and Doug Aldrich.

David Coverdale sounds incredible on this disc, even after having his vocal issues just a couple years ago. There are definite touches that will remind you of the band's 1987 release, which is not a bad thing. Lyrically Coverdale still does his trademark double entendrees and sexual innuendos but, on the slower tracks he proves he is still a great lyricist. Doug Aldrich & Reb Beach tear it up on guitar and the new rhythm section makes their sound even more powerful.

"Forevermore" is a disc that needs to be in the collection. At 60 years old Coverdale can still bring it home and the band sounds better than it ever has. Now is 2011 the year of the snake? The answer is one hundred ten percent yes.


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