Uproar Festival - Charlotte, NC Sept 2, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold Uproar Festival

The first band to play on the Jägermeister stage was a local band(cannot remember the name of). I was talking to a few people during that band's set so I don't remember much.

Hail the Villain took the stage next. Hail the Villain vocalist Bryan Crouch was HIGHLY active with the crowd, jumping around, very excited to be there. Usually, when I see a band who's playing their first mainstream tour, I'm not one to want to see them again unless they're touring with another band I know, but HTV would be an exception.

After a short set change, New Medicine came out. To be honest, New Medicine flat out sucked. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jake Scherer did not have the voice to front a band at a hard rock festival, although the band played a wonderful song for Jake's little sister who passed away entitled "Little Sister".

I missed about three songs from the next band Airbourne, but I was throughly pleased with what I heard from them. Most people call them an AC/DC ripoff, and while you can tell right away they're influenced by AC/DC, it was by no means an AC/DC ripoff. I really couldn't complain about their set, it was very good for a band that I really only knew two songs from.

Next it was time for HELLYEAH. As you may know, HELLYEAH is a supergroup consisting of Mudvayne vocalist Chad Gray, Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett, Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell, Damageplan bassist Bob Zilla, and former Pantera/Damageplan drummer, Vinnie Paul. I had heard before that Chad Grey, vocally, was horrible live(with Mudvayne), but that was not the case at this show. Chad was highly energetic, screams and clean vocals on their A game, everything went smooth with their set.

Next we moved inside to the main stage where we saw Halestorm. I had missed a few of their songs due to talking to a few friends before I went to my seat. Halestorm put on a hell of a show in my opinion. Lzzy Hale had very strong vocals, nothing like I've heard people say before about her. Towards the end of the set, Halestorm drummer Arejay Hale who is also Lzzy's brother, started to play a drum solo which turned into a full band drum off, with Lzzy, Joe(lead guitar), and Josh(bass guitar) playing trash cans. No it wasn't like a white trash garage band, it sounded awesome.

I missed most of Stone Sour due to my meet and greet with HELLYEAH, and although I like Stone Sour, I wasn't impressed with their set. I think it may be because I'm more of a Slipknot than Stone Sour fan. It was also hard to hear Corey once I entered the main stage due to the drums overpowering Corey's voice, but nonetheless, Corey had excellent vocals.

Next, came the band I was there to see, Avenged Sevenfold. During switchover from Stone Sour to A7X sets, a sheet covered the stage, although from where I was sitting, you could see the setup from the side. Lights went down and the whole venue erupted into a very loud cheer. For the first song of the set (Nightmare), a man was hanging from a noose from the rafters. I didn't think it was a real person at first, but when I saw the medics moving him off, that was proof he was real. Out of all bands at the show, A7X had the most elaborate stage set up. During songs that featured
vocals from former A7X drummer, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan who passed away Dec 28th 2009, Jimmy's studio vocals for those songs were played plus the crowd sang every word of Jimmy's parts. They featured a touching tribute to Jimmy while playing the song written for him by A7X lead guitarist Synyster Gates, So Far Away, featuring a picture that had been taken with Jimmy as the
backdrop. I loved the pyrotechnics and lighting during their set. Hands down, A7X stole the show at Uproar.

Last band of the night was Disturbed. They opened with this weird video on the stage of what appeared to be in an insane asylum. Dave Draiman was active with the crowd, one hell of a voice live, constantly talking to us. During the intro to Ten Thousand Fists, Dave sang a-capella before launching into the full band. At the end of Indestructible, Dave had the fans to shout "USA" repeatedly for our troops. If you've been to a Disturbed concert before, the usual tradition continued during Stupify where Dave will say "are you ready to use some dirty language Charlotte(or whatever city they're in)?! and the crowd will say the "fuck" part of the song"

I can easily say this show gets a 10 out of 10

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