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Mr. Big - What If...CD Cover

I can't tell you how stoked I am to have the new Mr. Big CD, "What If." For those who don't remember this band, you have missed out on one hell of a group. Those of you just hearing about these guys, well go back and pick up their early material as well. This band has to be one of the most talented around. Eric Martin on vocals, Billy Sheehan on bass, Paul Gilbert on guitar, and Pat Torpey on drums, and that is in fact the original band back together to create an incredible CD called "What If.."

"What If..." kicks off with the first single, "Undertow". The guitar chugs along, a killer chorus, and a guitar solo that takes you back, like it's the early 90's. My personal favorite track from the CD is "American Beauty." A rocker that definitely says Mr. Big is back and ready to kick some ass. This track was on repeat on the iPod and each time got a little louder. An awesome song. Things then slow down with a cool ballad called "Stranger in My Life." Track 4, "Nobody Takes the Blame", is a slower tune but not quite a ballad, but again Mr. Big proving that they are back and bringing you some killer tracks.

Things pick back up with a riff driven "Still Ain't Enough for Me". This one will have you feeling that Billy Sheehan bass groove kind of like the old "Addicted to That Rush," from their debut CD. I really haven't talked about Eric Martin's vocals, but he nails it on every song. This guy still has a great set of pipes and the tune "Once Upon a Time," will have you singing along in an instant. "As Far as I can See," again takes me back to the early 90's to the bands "Lean Into It" disc. Then things slow down, but just a bit, with "All the Way Up." I could hear this track getting some radio love at all the pop stations stations. "I Won't Get in My Way" is a mid tempo track, but I still found myself cranking this one up.

As we near the end of the disc, the guys crank it back up with "Around the World." This tune has some killer guitar and bass work. It really reminds me of how incredibly talented this group of guys are. Another catchy song with killer rock riffs from Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan. "What If..." rounds out with the track "I Get the Feeling."

Mr. Big was the ultimate band back in the early 90's and after hearing "What If..." I still believe these guys can bring it. As I mentioned Eric Martin sounds great after all these years, and what can you say about the rest of the band? It's pretty simple. Greatness. I am looking forward to seeing these guys perform live on April 2 at the House of Blues here in L.A. Not to mention that I believe there are a handful of tracks that could easily find themselves on the radio today. Go pick up this CD. It's available at iTunes and stores near you.

Track Listing:
1. Undertow
2. American Beauty
3. Stranger In My Life
4. Nobody Takes The Blame
5. Still Ain’t Enough For Me
6. Once Upon A Time
7. As Far As I Can See
8. All The Way Up
9. I Won’t Get In My Way
10. Around The World
11. I Get The Feeling

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