Motorhead & Clutch - Club Nokia Los Angeles, CA 3-11-2011

Motorhead & Clutch - Club Nokia Los Angeles, CA 3-11-2011

Motorhead and Clutch. That is a kickass Rock show if I could ever think of one. I had been looking forward to this show for quite sometime. I had try to see it in L.A. and in Anaheim when this tour kicked off, but it didn't happen. It did however happen on the last night of the tour at Club Nokia in L.A.

The show opened with the band Valient Thorr. I am going to be honest here I just didn't get them, and I really didn't think they were all that great. I would have rather seen Clutch get a longer set instead of seeing 30 minutes of Valient Thorr, and to be honest Clutch deserves it.

It hasn't been long since my first live Clutch experience with Black Label Society just a few months back. I thought they were great then, and this time they brought down the house. To me Clutch is one of those bands that must be seen live. While I like their CD's, after having seen them twice in six months, their live show is awesome, and should not be missed. The guys are incredibly tight, and the guitar work of Tim Sult is something that needs to be heard live. Not to mention that Jean-Paul Gaster can pound the f*ck out of the drums. I was stoked to hear "The Mob Goes Wild" and "Electric Worry" again, but they do mix up their set list on a nightly basis. You can't say that for many bands these days. To me the highlight of their set was bringing out Phil Campbell from Motorhead to jam the Cream classic "Politician." This was pretty bad ass to see a band like Clutch cover a classic and somewhat obscure tune from such an influential rock act. They fired up the crowd and Clutch was the perfect opener for Motorhead, the greatest Rock band. Be sure to check out Clutch on their headlining tour.

Clutch Setlist:

Instrumental jam/King of Arizona
The Soapmakers
Burning Beard
Child of the City
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
Struck Down
The Mob Goes Wild
Instrumental jam/The Elephant Riders
Electric Worry
One Eye Dollar

What is there really to say about Motorhead live? Besides they are F*cking loud and kick ass. It's great to go to a Motorhead concert and hear Lemmy before they hit the first chord say, "We are Motorhead and we play Rock n Roll," like it was their first time playing. From that point on you best be prepared to have your face blown off. After 2 or 3 songs the band asked if it was loud enough and if they can turn it up, and they certainly did. I can sit here and write all about the Motorhead show, but seriously why? If you call yourself a rock guy or girl, you have to see Motorhead. Remember Lemmy is Rock n Roll. No Lemmy is god.

Motorhead Setlist:
1. We Are Motörhead
2. Stay Clean
3. Get Back In Line
4. Metropolis
5. Over the Top
6. One Night Stand
7. Rock Out
8. Guitar Solo
9.The Thousand Names of God
10.I Got Mine
11.I Know How to Die
12.The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
13.In the Name of Tragedy (with drum solo)
14.Just 'Cos You Got the Power
15.Going to Brazil
16.Killed by Death [w/ Cherie Currie of The Runaways and Lemmy's son Paul Inder on guitar]
17. Ace of Spades

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