Moth Eater - The Thunder God of Monster Island

Moth Eater - Thunder God of Monster Island

Moth Eater hails from Beers Village, New York, managed by Barley and Hops, and will release their four song EP "The Thunder God of Monster Island" exclusively on on July 13 and iTunes on July 27. I wasn't sure what I was in for when I received these tracks in the mail, but I can assure you with a CD title like that I'm in. This happens to be one of the greatest CD titles in the history of Rock n Roll. It ranks up there with "Back in Black", "Appetite for Destruction", and even "Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy" from the Who. These are all CD titles that would get my interest right from the start. Moth Eater accomplishes that. The only difference is the name Moth Eater combined with that CD title I know I am about to have my face blown clean off.

Enough about the title. Time to open up my ice cold Budweiser, get my drink on, and begin to crank up one helluva CD. I will start off by saying I can't understand half of the words on the CD, but that really doesn't seem to bother me. I am pretty sure that is because the music has this groove and heaviness that gets me into a zone and continues to make throw the horns up and yell "Fuck Yea!"

The first tune "Aftermath" has a slow intro, and I began to question everything and even wonder if I've had to much beer already. After 30 seconds the brutality is unleashed, and questions have been answered. Vocalist John Alaia is belting it out as a true hardcore frontman. I'm in.

"Our Time" continues the beat down. Again the vocals are monstrous, and the band, well they are...simply put, BAD ASS.

"Bruises Leave Scars" kicks off with a heavy ass bass riff from Buckshot. Then comes the pain (no pun intended). This one is cranked up to eleven. It's dark, but fucking good. The vocals are insane, but as I mentioned, the tune is up loud and makes me want to get in a demolition derby and smash shit. I love this song.

Track four, will be familiar to some, but definitely not everyone. When I took a look at the tracks when I first got my hands on this, I thought to myself there is no way this is the same "Rockin is My Business" that the Four Horsemen did back in 1991. I am happy to say I was wrong. This has always been a track that always brings out the beer drinker and hell raiser in me. "Rockin' is My Business," was awesome by the Four Horsemen. Well, Moth Eater's version will knock your teeth out. I am a huge fan of cover tunes, but they have to be done right. They also must have an original spin put on it, yet lean true to the original. It's a tough choice to put a cover out there for people, especially knowing everyone is going to compare it to the original version. I am happy to say Moth Eater did a kick ass job accomplishing this, and as a guy who loves the Four Horsemen version, I will be cranking this version up for a long time.

I will never know how people can sing like this night after night, or on a CD, but again I dig this band. Forget the EP bring on the full CD. Moth Eater needs to get on tour and give a kick in the balls to the uninspired rock that's out there. "The Thunder God of Monster Island" is not meant for the weak. If you have any health issues don't say you weren't warned.

You will be able to download this EP from on July 13 and iTunes July 27. Make sure you are there to get it first. Don't be left out on "The Thunder God of Monster Island" from Moth Eater. Beers Up!

Track Listing:
1. Aftermath
2. Our Time
3. Bruises Leave Scars
4. Rocking is My Business

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