Metallica - Lulu

Metallica - Lulu

Ever since Metallica announced last June that they were going to record a new album with Lou Reed, fans of both artists responded with confusion. After hearing how the guys broke down in tears after one of the sessions, and they just kept talking about how awesome this CD was going to be it left us with nothing to believe except it should be a great record.

According to Lou Reed he even said that Metallica pushed him to be the best he'd ever been. Well I guess this is another reason why I never liked Lou Reed or the Velvet Underground. If this is his best then I am glad I never wasted my time to hear him at his worst. The truth be told this CD should have just faded into obscurity. What a waste of time, effort, and money on both parties to put out this material.

It doesn't matter how much either party tells the media how great this project is, the fans know that it sucks. It shows from the sales. The last I saw was it sold a mere 13,000 copies. There are independent acts who sell 13,000 without half the hype this project received.

I could continue to write more on how bad this disc is or why you shouldn't buy it, but just think about this..."Lulu" is not even worth downloading for free.

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