Korn III - Remember Who You Are

Korn III Remember Who You Are CD Cover

The year was 1994 and as a youngster I can recall seeing the video for “Blind” on Beavis and Butthead one night and thinking to myself, “Wow that was fucking awesome”, and purchased their self titled release the very next day. That album is amazing, with powerful growling guitars and lyrics that made you feel Jonathan Davis’ childhood pain.

Fast forward to 2010 and thirty million albums later, Korn’s ninth album, and first for Roadrunner Records is released. All I can say is wow… what the fuck happened? I think if I sat and farted on a snare drum for 45 minutes, you may like it more than what I just listened to. First off, every song sounds exactly the same. The production job is dog shit because all you hear is vocals, uninspired worthless vocals. The guitar work felt like Monkey just sat down and said, “uh yeah, same old riffs? Whatever you say Jon.”

I’m gonna go ahead and say the best of the worst is “Let the Guilt Go” mostly because of a decent breakdown. The first single “Oildale (Leave me Alone) is not that bad either, probably why I heard it on the radio a few times. Either way by track nine I just wanted the forty minutes of my life back I spent listening to this record.

So if you decide to download this turd, or better yet actually go spend some money on this CD you can’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Track Listing
1. Uber-time
2. Oildale (Let the Guilt Go)
3. Pop a Pill
4. Fear is a Place to Live
5. Move On
6. Lead the Parade
7. Let the Guilt Go
8. The Past
9. Never Around
10. Are you ready to live?
11. Holding all these lies

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