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Kid Rock Born Free CD Cover

The new Kid Rock CD "Born Free" has been out for sometime now, and I have spent a lot of time listening to the disc. I needed to do this to make sure I wrote a fair review. When I heard "Born Free" for the first time I was excited to hear the rest of the CD. I even spoke on the air about how I couldn't wait to hear the rest of it. Honestly it has turned out to be a CD that will just collect dust in the collection.

I can certainly appreciate Kid Rock, and his history of always changing up his musical style and direction, but this one I just can't wrap my head around. At best this to me is a Southern Rock CD. Even that is a stretch for me to write. This record is country. Again he changed his style, but this fan doesn't like the change. Maybe this will be a CD a couple years down the road I will appreciate, but I doubt it. I love everything this guy has done in his career, but "Born Free" is just not a favorite.

As it was put to me by a friend...The stoned pimp Kid Rock would kick this Kid Rock's ass. You will hear "Born Free", the song, on MFNRocks, but that's as far as it will go with the new disc. We will continue to play all of his kick ass earlier material.

Track listing

1. Born Free
2. Slow My Roll
3. Care (featuring Martina McBride and T.I.)
4. Purple Sky
5. When It Rains
6. God Bless Saturday
7. Collide (featuring Sheryl Crow and Bob Seger on piano)
8. Flyin' High (featuring Zac Brown)
9. Times Like These
10.Rock On
11.Rock Bottom Blues
12.For the First Time (In a Long Time)
13.Care (featuring Mary J. Blige)

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