John Norum - Play Yard Blues

John Norum CD cover

John Norum has previously released 5 solo albums "Total Control", "Face The Truth", "Another Destination", "Worlds Away" and "Slipped Into Tomorrow", and on May 17th "Play Yard Blues" hit the stores. As a person who is only familiar with John's work with Dokken and Europe, I was pleasantly surprised to hear this was not just another instrumental guitar CD. Not only is John tearing it up on the guitar, but he also does a great job singing. He sings on all tracks except "Born Again" and "Got My Eyes On You" which has special guest Leif Sundin. There are also a couple of great covers on this CD one being Thin Lizzy's "It's Only Money" and Frank Marino's "Ditch Queen". Not only does this CD contain excellent guitar playing, but every song on the disc is over six minutes in length. In a business without guitar heroes and solo's this is a CD that is definitely one to check out.

Track listing:
1. Let it Shine
2. Red Light Green High
3. It's Only Money
4. Got My Eyes On You
5. When Darkness Falls
6. Over and Done
7. Ditch Queen (Frank Marino)
8. Travel In The Dark
9. Born Again
10. Play Yard Blues

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