Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier CD Cover

It's hard to believe it's been 30 years since the first Iron Maiden album, and after 80 million album sales worldwide, it's time to chalk up even more sales and tour dates with the release of "The Final Frontier." The band is still the champions of the world when it comes to heavy metal.

The disc starts off with "Satellite 15... The Final Frontier", I happen to think this is a great tune and an awesome intro to the CD clocking in at 8:41.

"El Dorado" was a great choice for the lead single. The bass riff reminds me of Heart, but the song is just badass. This tune leads into a slower paced Maiden song "Mother of Mercy", the song builds and about half way through, it picks up.

"Coming Home" is a great ballad on "The Final Frontier". I think the band could pull this one off life. It has a catchy chorus, and is very melodic.

We reach that half way point, with "The Alchemist," also the shortest tune on the CD at 4:29. Another great tune with cool Iron Maiden riffs to start this one, and the solo just rips.

One of my favorite tracks on the "The Final Frontier", is "Isle of the Talisman." Cool bass riffs again at the beginning of this epic tune. This song is right around 9 minutes and I find myself cranking this one up more as the songs goes on.

"Starblind" starts off slow but then about a minute in the distortion kicks in and the band is off again for another killer track.

Another slow beginning to "The Talisman." This one takes about 2 minutes to get going, but when it hits, it's pure Maiden power.

"The Man Who Would Be King" has another slow intro, but worth the listen.

"The Final Frontier" wraps up with "When the Wild Wind Blows," the longest track on the CD at 11:02. I really enjoy this song and next to "El Dorado" this has great potential to me for Iron Maiden. A great tune and changes pace about 3:30. This is an amazing song to end "The Final Frontier."

After 30 years, Iron Maiden has still got it. Minus the slow intro's on the disc, I think this is one of the best Iron Maiden CD's in recent memory. Artwork and all this is definitely one to be in the collection to crank up and blow the doors off the place.

Track Listing:

1. Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
2. El Dorado
3. Mother of Mercy
4. Coming Home
5. The Alchemist
6. Isle of Avalon
7. Starblind
8. The Talisman
9. The Man Who Would Be King
10. When the Wild Wind Blows

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