How to Destroy Angels - Self Titled EP

How To Destroy Angels CD Cover

How To Destroy Angels' self-titled EP is interesting. It's the first new project from Trent Reznor since he announced the hiatus of Nine Inch Nails, so it's tough not to make the comparison. The trio consists of Matiqueen Maandig (of West Indian Girl), Atticus Ross (frequent NIN collaborator), and of course, Trent Reznor.

In this new venture Reznor, Ross, and producer Alan Moulder are still doing what they do best, taming noise and making it sound fantastic. This formula gives it Nine Inch Nail's post-Fragile sound which is prevalent through every track.

"The Space in Between" gives the feeling of tension and dissonance while having a incredible pace. It is the EP's best track, but not without fault. Maandig's Autotune in the verse completely removes me from the context of the song, though it is fitting in the chorus. Another memorable track is "The Believers," a glitchy, marimba-filled song that brings the album of its slump.
The rest of the EP fails to distinguish itself Nine Inch Nails. "Fur Line" and "A Drowning" sound straight off With Teeth and "BBB" sounds like a b-side from Year Zero. "Parasite" is the most NIN of the bunch. The repetitive drums, noisy guitars, and sharp synths are business as usual. If you're expecting something radically different from Nine Inch Nails, you're in for a disappointment.

Track Listing:
The Space in Between
Fur Lined
The Believers
A Drowning

Jose Perez

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