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Hinder All American Nightmare CD Cover

The Oklahoma band Hinder have released their new CD "All American Nightmare". I have never been a fan of this band other than a couple songs and their cover of "Born to be Wild", but this disc has won me over to a point. In comparison to their previous releases I actually like about 5 songs on the disc. I still think singer, Austin Winkler, has a pretty distinctive voice, and that sets this band apart from bands like Saving Abel, and other watered down rock bands.

The band writes about the life that is Rock n Roll; sex, drugs, and drinking. When I first heard the title track "All American Nightmare" I was surprised by how much I liked the guitar riffs and even how heavy the song was. As I scanned through the disc, there were certain songs that hit me and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually was digging the CD. After all I am not a fan of the band, but I found myself playing the CD more and more once I got it.

"The Life" is a ballad that I think the band is trying to recapture the success of "Lips of an Angel", but it's catchy and worth a listen. "Striptease", is another track that I cranked up. It's just rocks. "Put that Record on," is a track that seems to salute the great bands and albums of rock history. This is a pretty cool track and could easily be a single at radio.

There is definitely some generic-ness (if that's a word) to the CD. It's a typical radio friendly record. With the big production, catchy melodies, and guitar riffs, I am sure the band will sell hundreds of thousands of records, and in some sick way they deserve to.

I think this is a disc you purchase individual songs at iTunes instead of the full disc.

Track Listing:
01. 2 Sides Of Me
02. All American Nightmare
03. What Ya Gonna Do
04. Hey Ho
05. The Life
06. Waking Up The Devil
07. Red Tail Lights
08. Striptease
09. Everybody’s Wrong
10. Put That Record On


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