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Heart Red Velvet Car CD Cover

Ann and Nancy Wilson are back with, "Red Velvet Car", their first CD in six years. The rock ladies have delivered once again. There are many times throughout this CD that will take you back to the more classic Heart sound, yet they stay current.

I have been a Heart fan over the years, and I honestly thought this CD was going to be a tough one to listen to. One never knows how a CD from classic artists will be received, but I was pleasantly surprised as I began listening to "Red Velvet Car." The sisters serve up their new CD bold and with attitude.

This disc feels like one solid piece of material that they took their time to write over the years.

The CD kicks off with my favorite track, "Let it Go". This tune reminds me of classic Heart. Has a 70's feel to me and the acoustic guitar is just incredible.

The title track, "Red Velvet Car" has a slow but cool, slow, bluesy groove going on. Ann sounds great on this track.

Ridin' the "Wheels" is another great track, and really gets going about 2 minutes in. In an interview with Ann, she stated this song evolved from a song they were trying to put together for a soundtrack.

I can't pronounce "Safronias Mark," but there is a nice touch with a mandolin playing through this one, which I think helps this track stand out from the rest.

"Death Valley" is a damn cool tune. A darker tune coming from the Wilson sisters, one I believe is written about life on the road. This one paints a trippy mental picture, and could make a cool video for Heart if they were to take the time and effort to make one.

"Red Velvet Car" ends with "Sand". A song that was written and recorded with an acoustic group the sisters put together called the Lovemongers. This is a great closing track to the CD.

Ann and Nancy have stood the test of time with this release. They sound great and "Red Velvet Car" is a solid piece of work. It may not win over many new fans, but it should please those of us that are and have been fans of Heart for many years.

Track Listing:

1. There You Go
2. WTF
3. Red Velvet Car
4. Queen City
5. Hey You
6. Wheels
7. Saffronia's Mark
8. Death Valley
9. Sunflower
10. Sand


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