Godsmack - The Oracle

The Oracle CD cover

The Boston hard rockers have dropped the G-Smack down with their fifth full length CD, "The Oracle". I stated some twelve years ago when Godsmack released their debut they would be one of the biggest bands in rock and they haven't been proven me wrong. "Crying Like a Bitch" starts off the new CD with exactly what you would expect from Godsmack. Powerful drums, a great guitar riff, and a catchy hook that will leave you singing this one hours after you have turned it off. To me the band does something a little different with "Love-Hate-Sex-Pain", and I really can't decide if I like this track, YET. The guys also went with an instrumental track to close out the disc. This was unexpected for me, but I find myself listening to this one more everyday. "Devil's Swing" is the one I find myself cranking up to eleven. Godsmack doesn't disappoint on "The Oracle". Other highlights include "War and Peace" and "Saints and Sinners". The only disappointing thing about this CD is that after four years I would have liked the disc to have had a few more songs. It has ten tracks and a couple bonus on the deluxe edition, but "Whiskey Hangover" most fans already had from last year's Cruefest.


1) “Cryin’ Like a Bitch”
2) “Saints and Sinners”
3) “War and Peace”
4) “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain”
5) “What If?”
6) “Devil’s Swing”
7) “Good Day to Die”
8) “Forever Shamed”
9) “Shadow of a Soul”
10) “The Oracle”
Whiskey Hangover
I Blame You

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