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Gary Hoey is one of the hardest working guitarists out there these days. He has been touring with the likes of Jeff Beck, Bret Michaels, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd plus being a part of Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp that aired on VH1. Somehow Gary managed to find time to record a new CD titled "Utopia." This time around Gary changes things up and lets his voice actually do the talking where only 3 of the 12 songs are instrumental. After "American Made" I have been hoping that Gary would continue to do lead vocals on his new material.

The CD kicks off with the title track and one of the instrumentals, "Utopia." The song is a cool instrumental to get things going and prepare you for the rest of the CD. "Walk" starts off with a killer heavy riff and you can already picture the crowd banging their heads at the live show. As the lyrics begin the song mellows out and then gets you going again as the chorus comes in. I personally love the solo in this tune. "Reminds Me of You" slows things down a bit, but the guitar work is still incredible. "Inevitable" picks things back up and rocking to ten.

"Somethings Going On," is a funky kind of groove and a little different than the rest of the CD. It's one of those tunes to me when it's over you think to yourself I need to play that again. "Only Human" is one of those tracks that has been floating around for over a year. This was a track that was available as a download through It has the power ballad feel to me from back in the day. I like it.

"Your Killing Me" keeps the flow of Utopia cranked and is followed up by "Barn Burner." This is one of those tunes where it seems like the band is racing each other to the finish. "If I Knew Then" slows down the pace, with some catchy lyrics that all of us can relate to.

"Simpilfy" is a bluesy little number. I happen to really dig this track. One of my favorites from the disc. "Big Cactus" another funky riff and some wah pedal effects keep us jamming throughout this song. "Bonzi Island," ends "Utopia" on a slower, relaxed vibe, a perfect way to end the CD.

Gary has been a friend and supporter of for our 11 years and we wish him the best on his new CD. I definitely believe that this is some of the heaviest guitar work to date from Gary. "Utopia" is a straight up Rock CD with all songs under 5 minutes, catchy riffs and killer vocals, it is one that needs to be in the collection. Pick up your copy at itunes or via

Track listing

1. Utopia
2. Walk Away
3. Reminds Me Of You
4. Inevitable
5. Something's Going On
6. Only Human
7. You're Killing Me
8. Barn Burner
9. If I Knew Then
10. Simplify
11.Big Cactus
12. Bonzai Island

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