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I have heard a lot about the band Framing Hanley, and I have some friends who really dig these guys so I thought I would check out their new release "A Promise to Burn." The band is out of Nashville, TN and features, Nixon (vocals), Ryan (guitar), Brandon (guitar), Luke (bass), and Chris (drums). The “Hanley” in the band’s name is a tribute to a friend, Ashley Hanley, who died tragically in a car accident in October 2006.

The CD gets going with an intro, and I will never understand why these are on CD's, but it features some eerie piano music. The CD actually kicks off with the track "The Promise". Immediately I was drawn into the song with the vocals by Nixon. This guy has a great voice. That stuck out to me right off. After listening to the first few tracks I was liking the Framing Hanley experience. Great catchy songs played as I made my way through to the lead single, "You Stupid Girl". It starts off with this dark slow build up, and is what I consider to be the heaviest song on the CD. I like this tune. It's definitely a track radio should love. I don't know what it is about putting a piano in a rock song, but I always seem to like this mix and again it works for Framing Hanley and their song "Weight of the World". "Photographs and Gasoline" had a different vibe to me than the rest of the CD. I really liked the acoustic intro, and the structure of the song. For me personally this song is what I would pick for our station This is by far my favorite track on the disc, and I didn't even mind the crazy outro either. In my opinion this was the darkest song on the CD.

Framing Hanley has more of a pop edge to their music, but as a guy who likes Aerosmith, Zep, Metallica etc, I really enjoyed this CD. These guys are definitely worth checking out. You might think you're a hard rock guy, but trust me there are songs on "A Promise to Burn" that you will like.

Framing Hanley has recently been nominated for Best International Newcomer at the 2010 Kerrang Awards in the UK on July 29th. You can show your support by registering to be a Kerrang voter and voting for Framing Hanley at

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