Drowning Pool - Self Titled

Drowning Pool CD Cover

Let me get this out of the way first. We all know that Drowning Pool lost their original singer Dave Williams and this is the first time they have had the same singer for two CD's. OK. Great. Moving on.

Drowning Pool has been a favorite band of mine for sometime now. As much as I enjoy "Sinner", I really came to play this band more with the release of "Full Circle". When vocalist Ryan McCombs joined the band I think he really filled the void that was left from Dave Williams' untimely death.

When I first heard the lead single "Feel Like I Do" I will admit I didn't enjoy it, but after the second listen I was hooked and waiting for this CD to hit the stores. After listening to the entire CD I have even came to like "Feel Like I Do" even more. I believe this will be a song in the bands set list for years to come just like "Bodies". The opening track "Let the Sin Begin" has a different guitar sound from C.J. Pierce and Ryan McCombs belts it out with his gritty vocals. A tune that could easily be the show opener on while on tour. The bass drives more songs on this CD than their previous efforts especially in the song "Children of the Gun". My favorite track on the disc has to be "Horns Up". The anthem for any Drowning Pool live show. Other highlights on the disc include, "Alcohol Blind", "King Zero" and "Regret". Not a bad tune on this release.

Eleven tracks on this release and one that should be in the collection. Simply put if you and your girlfriend are rocking out to this one, then it's a real panty dropper.

1. Let The Sin Begin
2. Feel Like I do
3. Turn So Cold
4. Regret
5. Over My Head
6. All About Me
7. More Than Worthless
8. Children of the Gun
9. Alcohol Blind
10. Horns Up
11. King Zero

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