Drowning Pool - Live - Lynchburg, VA

Ryan McCombs Live in Lynchburg VA

Drowning Pool - May 27th - Lynchburg Virginia

First of all, I’m humbled that my opinion could possible mean anything to anyone other than myself. With that said, I feel compelled to tell you that if you EVER have the means to see Drowning Pool play live, do not hesitate. Don’t think... just go!

The night started out normal enough, my wife and I hanging out with friends, having a few drinks, waiting for the opening act, Nonpoint, to take the stage. As I look towards the door, I notice a familiar face. It didn’t hit me at first who it was. I remember saying out loud.... “Is that Ryan?” Damned if it wasn’t! Ryan McCombs comes walking through the venue like he was just another fan. It was like no one else had even noticed that the guy we were there to see, was sitting at the bar, chillin’. After a few minutes, and after I had already gotten my pics with him, others started to realize who he was. He stayed out there, shaking hand and taking pictures with fans for 15-20 minutes. It was very cool to see how down to earth this guy was and it certainly showed in his performance.

This was my fourth time seeing Drowning Pool live four times and I can assure you that you’ll not find a band with more energy and sheer desire to be on stage. Wether playing to 100 or 10,000, these guys give it their all! Ryan McCombs intense vocal gives power to the show that is perfectly matched by guitarist C.J. Pierce’s incredible skills. Bass guitarist Stevie Benton delivers more hard hitting bass lines than in the past which I found to be a great touch compared to previous shows. Drummer Mike Luce holds his own with tight rhythms and great backing vocals.
Oh yeah.... one last thing. Since you are reading this on MFNRocks.com, I though it would be OK to pose this question. Is it just me or do Ryan McCombs and Bryan Shaw share a striking resemblance?

Set List (as best I can remember)
1. Enemy
2. Sinner
3. 37 Stitches
4. Feel Like I Do
5. Regret
6. Tear Away
7. Bodies
8. Cowboys from Hell

I can't remember much of the set after that.

David Anderson

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