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Disturbed Asylum CD Cover

Asylum opens up with an interesting instrumental track titled Remnants. It starts off with a violin and some electro sound effects before launching into acoustic guitar & electro, then turning full band with an awesome solo by guitarist Dan Donegan.

Remenants immediately segues into the album's title track, Asylum. Lyrically, I interpret Asylum to be about the loss of a loved one with the "asylum" being the place where he can meet back up with that person upon his death. Just by that one song, I can say that this will probably be the band's heaviest album since their debut album, "The Sickness".

Next track is The Infection. It seems to be about a guy who's significant other just left him and he turns to drugs to cope with that breakup, until he realizes has a full addiction, in the chorus, one portion is "now if I am to survive, the infection must die", the infection being the addiction to the drug, and "murder the beast that's been eating me alive" seems to be that he wishes that his ex-significant other would die so he can overcome this drug addiction.

The next track "Warrior" lyrically, seems to be along the lines of Disturbed's 2008 single Indestructible. This song seems to be written in the point of view of a soldier, who is a hero in a war and wants the enemy to stand up and fight. "I am the warrior, so decide now how they'll remember you, do not hide now" could mean that the person the soldier is fighting should fight or be looked upon as a coward by his associates.

Up next, the first radio single from this album, Another Way To Die. Lyrically, I take the meaning of the song as that we the people are destroying our own planet, which will end up being the end of the world. Honestly, I love the song, but Warrior would have been a better choice for the album's first single.

Never Again, so far the album's darkest song lyrically, is basically a big fuck you towards those who deny the Holocaust and that the people who died in the Holocaust should be remembered and not cast off to the side.

The Animal appears to be about a man who transforms into a werewolf at night and enjoys the powers he receives while being a werewolf but is only satisfied when he kills, which I get from these lyrics "When the kill is close and I will be satisfied, for the smell of fear tonight, wakes an ancient lust that will not be denied, you're mine"

Crucified is the next track & appears to be the pre-quel to an earlier track in the album, The Infection. To me, it's the album's weakest song lyrically.

Serpentine is the third and final track in what seems to complete a story within the album (those tracks were Crucified, The Infection, and this track), essentially being the aftermath of the events in The Infection. His ex-significant other has passed and that he has overcome her death because her heart was "serpentine".

My Child, this album's darkest track and probably one of the darkest songs the band have ever written. Disturbed vocalist Dave Draiman has said that this song is about a child he and his then girlfriend were having, until she miscarried. I don't see this track ever getting mainstream radio play due to the darkness of the lyrics.

Another relationship-themed track titled Sacrifice is next. Easily my least favorite on this album, but with time, it'll likely grow on me, as other albums/songs I haven't liked before.

Innocence is essentially about the corrupt politicians, religious figures, and public figures who preach a certain agenda and end up going against the beliefs they were elected with & those people eventually go to Hell.

After about 90 seconds of silence, the album's last track, a cover of U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. I'm not a U2 fan so I can't say much about the track.

Die-hard Disturbed fans will likely enjoy this album and others could too, as long as they're aware of the overall darkness in Disturbed's lyrics.

I'll give the album a seven out of ten. I'd say Warrior is my favorite one from this album and probably up there in my general Disturbed favorites w/ Down with the Sickness, Liberate, and Hell.


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