Devo - Something for Everybody

Devo Something for Everybody CD Cover

After 20 years, Devo is back and this time with the great Josh Freese (The Vandals, A Perfect Circle, NIN) on drums. Something For Everybody has its ups and downs, it starts with the phenomenal single "Fresh" and is left hanging with the subpar "What We Do" that follows. "Human Rocket" is a notable track where the repetition is what makes it work. "Later is Now" has swelling, synth-filled choruses that are almost palpable. Those three tracks string together what would otherwise be a ignorable album.

It should be noted that there are three versions of track listings: the standard album version, the deluxe edition which is the standard version with extra tracks, and the song study version (which was decided by focus groups of fans on the Internet).

I listened to the standard version.

Is it a flawless album? No. Is it a great return? Most definitely.

Jose Perez

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