Coheed and Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow

Coheed and Cambria - Year of the Black Rainbow CD Cover

Coheed is back with their fifth album, “Year of the Black Rainbow”, which is their conclusion to the “Amory Wars” series of albums based on a comic book written by singer Claudio Sanchez. The record is a valiant effort but lacks the catchy hooks and hard riffs that previous albums provided. “Here we are Juggernaut”, and “The Broken” are perfect singles for the album.

The second half of the album is lacking though, tunes like “Pearl of Stars” and “Flame of Error” are honestly boring and not worth wasting the time it takes to listen to them. Anyway Coheed still kicks ass for most of the album and it is definitely worth a listen to if your into that kind of music. Music that doesn’t sound like fucking Rush.

Track Listing
1. One
2. The Broken
3. Guns of Summer
4. Here we are Juggernaut
5. Far
6. This Shattered Symphony
7. World of Lines
8. Made out of Nothing
9. Pearl of the Stars
10. In the Flame of Error
11. When Skeletons Live
12. The Black Rainbow

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