Cee-Lo Green - The Lady Killer

Cee-Lo Green - The Lady Killer

Cee-Lo Green has created something extraordinary. The Lady Killer is one of the most imaginative and soulful albums I've heard in quite a long time. The worst part is, I would probably would have never heard it if "Fuck You" hadn't become such a viral hit. There isn't one bad song on it. On top of that, it has a phenomenal pace to it which makes listening to it in one sitting like watching a movie.

"Bright Lights Bigger City" is the massive first track after the clever intro and it has a groove that could shake mountains. "I Want You" has a bass line that transcends time and space. "Fool For You" with Phillip Bailey is my favorite track on the album and I can only describe it as 'angry funk.' Lastly, "Lady Killer Theme (Outro)" made me think, 'this is what modern Prince music should sound like.'

Jose Perez


10 out of 10

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