Bullet for My Valentine - Fever

Bullet for My Valentine Fever CD Cover

Welsh power metallers, Bullet for my Valentine are back with their latest release “Fever”, following 2008’s “Scream, Aim, Fire” which was hardcore and original.

Fever starts off with their first single off the album, “Your Betrayal” which to this fan sounds like an attempt to break onto mainstream rock radio. The guitars are tame compared to the power tracks hidden in the middle of the album. “Your Betrayal” sounds like Papa Roach would if they had any musical talent at all. The title track “Fever” is also quite forgettable alongside the next two songs. The album takes its skirt off and begins to play like a Bullet record should at track five, “Pleasure and Pain”. A screaming intro and right into a solid muted riff carries the song straight to the kick-ass solo. The other great song on this album is track six, “Alone” which gives a big up yours to all the people that bitch about everything that is wrong but do nothing themselves. (At least that’s what I got out of it.) The rest of the album is just OK, “Bittersweet Memories” is a valid attempt at a ballad, but I would rather just hear them thrash.

Overall, not as good as their previous two albums, “Scream, Aim, Fire” and “The Poison”, but still a valiant effort compared to a lot of the shit put out there.

1. Your Betrayal
2. Fever
3. The Last Fight
4. A Place Where You Belong
5. Pleasure And Pain
6. Alone
7. Breaking Out, Breaking Down
8. Bittersweet Memories
9. Dignity
10. Begging For Mercy
11. Pretty On The Outside


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