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Bret Michaels Custom Built CD Cover

As a fan of Poison I have never been one to like Bret's solo material, but I thought after his stint on Celebrity Apprentice and his recent health issues I thought I would check out "Custom Built."

The CD opens with the track "Riding Against the Wind" which happens to be the CD's highlight. This song also serves as the music to his TV show "Life As I Know It". "Lie to Me" is definitely the hardest rocking song on "Custom Built", but that does not make it a good tune. Track three is "Nothing to Lose" which features Miley Cyrus, this is the track everyone couldn't believe Bret did with the teen aged Cyrus. What I don't understand is why release two versions of this tune. Track 11 is the solo version of the song and if you ask me, it stands as a good track without the addition of Cyrus. "Wasted Time" is another ballad that could have easily been on a Poison CD and possibly been a decent single for the band. This is the point where the CD just goes downhill. Why there is a cover of Sublime's "What I got?" Personally I think the song blows done by anyone, not just Michaels, but he should have never touched this song. Not to mention he changes the lyric to "Mother Truckin Riot". Really? He can bone strippers, but he can't use the F word. Interesting. Then we hit the country version of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," which just makes my ears bleed. Then we get into some rock and club mixes of songs that are completely unnecessary.

It took years for Poison to be taken seriously as a rock act, but I don't think Bret will ever be taken as a serious solo artist. He should just focus on writing new material with Poison. After all that is what works. Custom Built should have been a 5 song EP sent out to fan club members instead of the useless filler that makes up most of this CD. Case and point, was it necessary to include “Open Road” and “Rock ‘n My Country” from 2005′s "Freedom of Sound", and “I’d Die For You” from 1998′s "A Letter from Death Row." I think as a solo concert act and with Poison he puts on a great show, but his solo CD's are very disappointing.

Track Listing:
1. “Riding Against the Wind”
2. “Lie to Me”
3. “Nothing to Lose” (Featuring Miley Cyrus)
4. “Wasted Time”
5. “What I Got” (Sublime Cover)
6. “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”
7. “Go That Far” (Jason Miller Club Mix)
8. “Driven” (Rock Mix)
9. “Open Road”
10. “Rock’ n My Country”
11. “Nothing to Lose” (solo version)
12. “I’d Die for You”

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