Black Water Rising - Self Titled CD

Black Water Rising CD Cover

Just when you thought that good fucking Rock was gone, along comes Black Water Rising and punches you right in the face. Every track on their debut is worth giving your stereo a workout. If you don't like this CD you might want to question yourself and grow a pair.

The disc kicks off with a killer tune titled "The Mirror" and sets a great tone for the CD. A very cool guitar riff with an awesome bass groove. "Brother Go On" was the bands first single and a great choice to send out to radio stations. I remember hearing this track some time ago on Myspace and couldn't wait to hear the rest of the CD. That time is here and I have not been disappointed. "Brother Go On" makes me crank the stereo every time I hear it. I find myself singing "Go on brother go on / Burn your name across the sky / Make a move before you die" and then I have to hit repeat on the ipod. Not to mention they also have a killer video for this one. It will be an MFNRocks Video of the Day soon. Very soon. "Black Bleeds Through" is another track that has some killer vocals and well I hate to say it, but an infectious groove that is missing in today's music. At the solo I love how the band sounds like they are racing to see who can get to the end of the song first. Bad ass! Honestly when I thought the CD couldn't get any better, the track "No Halos" came blasting through my speakers. Rob belts it out, "I don't give a damn what your good book says / There ain't no hope for the sinner no more." I think "No Halos" should be out to radio as a single if it isn't already. "The River" reminds me of old Alice in Chains. Great stuff. I didn't write about every track on the CD, I did single out my favorites though. All the songs from Black Water Rising are excellent.

Black Water Rising's self titled debut has been out for a few months. I decided that this was a disc that I needed to not only review, but encourage everyone to go and check out. The band is out of Brooklyn, New York. The CD was written and produced by vocalist / guitarist Rob Traynor. Crank it up! What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy at iTunes now. I got the CD, now I need to get the T-Shirt.

Track Listing:
1. The Mirror
2. Brother Go On
3. Hate Machine
4. Black Bleeds Through
5. Blessed
6. No Halos
7. Living Proof
8. Rise
9. The River
10. Sale On Your Soul
11. Burn It Down

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