Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage DVD and Blue Ray

Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage

Universal Music Group, in association with Banger Films, has announced the feature length DVD and Blu-ray release of the critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" on June 29 in North America. The film made its world premiere in April at the ninth annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and the filmmakers, Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn won the highly coveted Heineken Audience Award.

RUSH is one of rock's most influential bands, ranking third for most consecutive gold and platinum albums behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The band has engaged legions of devoted fans over the decades and is revered by generations of musicians. The documentary features never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with some of today’s most respected rock artists such as Billy Corgan, Taylor Hawkins, Trent Reznor, Sebastian Bach, Kirk Hammett, Jack Black and Gene Simmons. "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" explores the forty-year career and phenomenon behind what could be the world's biggest cult band. Directors Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn embark on a comprehensive exploration of this extraordinary power trio, from their early days in Toronto, through each of their landmark albums, to the present day.

The DVD features a bonus disc that includes the following exclusive material:

01. Being Bullied and The Search for The First Gig
02. Reflections on the album Hemispheres
03. "Presto" and "Roll The Bones" Rap
04. The Rush Fashion
05. Hobbies on the Road
06. Rush Trekkies
07. Pre-Gig Warm-Up
08. Best I Can (never-before-seen footage w/ original drummer, John Rutsey from 1974)
09. Working Man (never-before-seen footage w/ original drummer, John Rutsey from 1974)
10. La Villa Strangiato - Live at Pinkpop Festival in Holland from 1979 (first time this epic song was captured on video)
11. Between The Sun and Moon - Hartford, CT (from the band’s first show back after hiatus in 2002)
12. Dinner with RUSH at a Hunting Lodge
13. Far Cry (live) - from the "Snakes & Arrows" DVD
14. Entre Nous (live) – from the ‘Snakes & Arrows’ DVD
15. Bravado (rare live version) - previously only available on the "R30" Blu-ray version
16. YYZ (rare live version) - previously only available on the "R30" Blu-ray version

Runtime of the film and bonus disc includes over three hours of content.

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