Kulick Speaks on Union

Kulick Speaks on Union

Union, the hard rock supergroup featuring ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and former Mötley Crüe singer John Corabi, may just be ready to reunite.

In two interviews both published on June 12, Kulick talked about the potential for a new Union album. In an interview with Metal Sludge he states, "John Corabi and I, in addition to (drummer) Brent Fitz, have spoken about doing things if they come up right. John and I obviously are excellent together and Brent really is one of my favorite drummers."

Meanwhile Kulick told Rock Music Star that Union's first run around the block was mistimed, given the changes that were happening in the music scene in the mid 90s. "It was a hard time to do anything hard rock," he said. "So here we are, this terrific band struggling, with good material, and a good pedigree, but the music climate was working against us. I think staying away from it for like 10 years, people might be more hungry, and there could be really an exciting announcement later this year for something, that John and I do with the title, 'Union.' It could happen. We're waiting for the stars to align."

In fact, a mini Union reunion took place in 2010 when Fitz, who performs in Slash's solo band, and Corabi, who has played in Ratt, The Scream and E.S.P (Eric Singer Project), appeared on the track "No Friend Of Mine" on Kulick's most recent solo album, BK3.

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