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Vince Neil Still an Idiot

Two blogs in two days? What? Yep. I just read the article from the Las Vegas Sun that discussed Vince Neil and his DUI sentence. As I mentioned in a previous blog about this, I love the Crue's music but these four idiots are the biggest f*cking babies. Seriously. Vince Neil states, “They were a little harsh in the sentencing,” he said. “But they wanted to make an example out of me, and it is what it is. … It’s not bad, but it’s still jail. Jail is jail.” Make an example out of you with a 15 day sentence? Who the hell is this guy kidding? I repeat 15 days?!

This is so damn ridiculous. I am almost at a loss for words. Poor Vince. 15 days in the slammer. I feel so sorry for this asshole. In my opinion this D-bag should not even be allowed to drive again. He's already killed a friend years ago in a drunk driving accident and the guy - 1) still is walking the streets. Way to go Vince. Good lawyers. 2) you still decide to get in a car and drive after drinking again...How many times has he done it and not been busted? Listening to him bitch about this truly pisses me off. If I or anyone of us reading this did what he did, we would have been locked up for years. When will Vince ever learn? I think the real question is how long until he gets arrested again for a DUI?

Why do we continue to give these guys any press at all? Is it necessary to interview this Vince? Do I really need to hear about Nikki Sixx's boring new book and soundtrack to the book? No. Nikki claims he's looking for new rock stars to sign when if you listen to his new song it sounds just as boring as anything out there today in my opinion. What do I know I am just a radio guy.

In all honesty I don't think I have ever wanted a group of rock stars to fall off the planet as much as these guys. Mick Mars is really the only guy in this band anyone should have respect for. I could be wrong but if you go back through the years I am pretty sure he hasn't done the dumb shit the others have...At least publicly. For once even Tommy Lee isn't spouting off somewhere asking to see some chicks tits. Speaking of tits...It was asked of Vince what attracted him to his girlfriend..He replied "her boobs". Oh the comedy. These guys are such idiots.

One last thing.. Why doesn't Vince quit drinking and learn to sing in key again.

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