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'Tis the Season...For Concerts

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks for concerts. I had the chance to see Megadeth again and this time watch them perform Countdown to Extinction in its entirety. I will hopefully get to post a review in a couple days or less. The very next night..Was Journey and Loverboy. That was just a trip back to the 80's. I will say this Loverboy sounded awesome.

This week I will hopefully get the chance to check out Social Distortion at the House of Blues.

This past Saturday was the Rolling Stones on pay per view. I am a huge Stones fan but I found it crazy that they were still charging $49.99 to watch the show on the web. Maybe half price I might have considered it. Definitely not 50 bones. There are just way to many issues with that for that kind of money. I still would pay top dollar to see them live though.

Finally all this week we will be posting Christmas videos all week as we lead up to the the big holiday weekend.

Live Life LOUD!


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