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The Stones...Grrrr

Joe Perry from Aerosmith was recently interviewed and he said, "We knew we had another record in us, despite what many said, and I make no bones about it, I don't know if we're gonna make another record." I have to say..Thank god. What in the hell was that latest CD they released. What a train wreck. I have said it a million times, you can't beat classic Aerosmith. The last album of original material these guys made since they have been sober that was any good was Nine Lives. I'm not trying to promote drug use here but seriously I think the only way these guys could write anything good again would be to go out and do a few lines, and throw a few drinks back.

It is interesting to me that the latest Kid Rock CD is mediocre at best, and the Aerosmith is a piece, but leave it to the Rolling Stones to make the best new single out of all these guys. Doom and Gloom kicks serious ass and is classic Stones. Grrrr.. Enough Said.

Live Life LOUD!

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