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Short and Sweet

So much is going on it's crazy...Adam's "Off the Record" show is doing great and we appreciate everyone who has tuned in and welcomed Adam to Doug's Punk-A-Billy HoeDown will also make its return to a new time slot that is still to be determined. We will keep you posted via Facebook and Twitter. So if you aren't a fan or following us on Twitter make sure you do so.

We will also be giving away some MFNRocks merchandise very soon as well..All you will have to do is help spread the word about MFN and you will win some cool stuff. Live shows should begin again this week, but this time they will be in the evening. Again get on Facebook and Twitter to get all the information.

I am keeping this one short and sweet and will be posting more blogs and info in a couple days stay tuned.. Until then make sure you crank up one of the five channels of streaming music and

Live Life LOUD!

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