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Things are rocking and rolling over here at the new studios. We have one full week of shows under our belts and we are getting a great response with our later shows. Sorry to our early listeners but you do get the replay the next morning. Shows are happening Mon - Thurs from 6:30 Pacific to 9:30 Pacific. If that doesn't work for you there is always five channels of streaming music in our player. A new set of songs every day on every channel.

We are working to land some new interviews in the coming weeks. Doug will be bringing back his Punk-A-Billy HoeDown as well. Adam is doing an awesome job on Friday nights with his show "Off the Record". Thanks to everyone for tuning in to all the shows. We appreciate it. Also thanks for spreading the word about

We will have a few more reviews to add to the mix as well. We are working on the new Whitesnake CD, "Forever More," which is in stores this week. Plus we will be checking out Mr. Big this weekend at the House of Blues and reviewing their live show.

Just stay close to MFNRocks on Facebook and Twitter and you will be up on all the happenings. I hope to be back to blogging here on a more frequent basis this week.

This week get logged on and...

Live Life LOUD!

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