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Randomness Volume 15

Well here we sit a week out from the holidays, and shows will be happening again this week. I am very excited to get back on the air and play some kick ass new music. One track I will be playing a lot is the new Rammstein track. Mein Land is another great track from the Germans. The video is also hilarious and has some damn nice women in it. They are hitting the road in 2012 and they are on the bucket list to a matter of fact April at the Honda Center here in Anaheim is where I will be to see it. A must see concert.

In the weeks past I watched Judas Priest bring the house down and even in their 60's they still got it. Halford can still belt it out and the new guitarist Richie Faulkner is incredible.

I also heard the new Nickelback recently and I know I will get a lot of shit for this, but it's a good CD. I know I know...Everyone hates them yet they still sell a million records.

The new Megadeth CD is out and it's f*cking awesome. These guys just keep putting out great material...Meanwhile you have Metallica trying to tell everyone that they don't understand the Lulu CD and that's why everyone is giving it shitty reviews. The reality as we all know is that CD is just pure garbage. I honestly didn't think they could out do St. Anger as far as shittiness goes, but I was wrong. I am sure Dave Mustaine and Jason Newsted are still laughing about that CD.

We will be playing the Megadeth but no new Metallica. Get tuned in this week for some live shows to bring in your holiday weekend.

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