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Bring it Back

So here we are a couple weeks into the new year.. It has been kind of quiet around here, but I just wasn't sure how I was going to talk about this or if I was going to mention. After sometime I had to mention that one of our die hard followers / listeners has passed away over the holidays. Our dear friend Bryan Church was a rocker through and through. The guy was loyal to from the beginning back in October of 1999. He would tune in daily and make requests and do what he could to even promote our website.

Even through down times I would receive emails from Bryan telling me "just bring it back". It didn't matter what we were going through Bryan loved his music and loved MFN. From what I know of him, he was a great guy. I can't imagine the loss the family is going through, but they are in my thoughts. We will miss him here at

I am sure it just got a little louder upstairs as Bryan is probably blasting Judas Priest. RIP Bryan Church.

Remember life is short...So...

Live Life LOUD!


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